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As a clinician imagine: -A 27-year-old patient presents with chronic cough reporting cigarette consumption (approximately 15 cigarettes per day) and vaping 2Juul pods perday3 to 4 days per week. At baseline the patient is found have urinary total nicotine equivalents(TNEs*) of 154.67nmoles/ml. You place the patient on Chantix and a follow-up visit in10 days demonstrates nicotine consumption has been reduced by 46% to 83.52nmoles/ml.
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CPT and HCPCS codes reimburse as much as $100 or more for each cloud-based IntelliQuit Mobile App 15-minute assay. Insurance and tobacco treatment consulting is available from IntelliQuit experts and key opinion leaders.Priority consulting is available to those who purchase NicCheck biostrips and download the IntelliQuit Mobile App.

TNEs are the molar sum of excreted
nicotine and nicotine metabolites.

"Imagine": - A 24-year-old female patient is attempting to become pregnant. During consultation, she reports smoking “only” 3 to 5 cigarettes per week and is found to have urinary TNEs of 23.50 nmoles/ml. Using this information, you convince her to use a nicotine replacement product instead of smoking.
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Frequently Asked

Measurement of urinary nicotine metabolites is the single most effective method for quantifying nicotine and tobacco consumption. Counting cigarettes, vaping sessions, or pouches, etc. has been found to be inadequate and biochemically inaccurate. Biochemical measurement of nicotine consumption can ensure accurate titration of tobacco treatment medications and clinical success. Our staff is always here to help you and your patients.
Yes. If the test is ordered and performed by licensed health care providers (HCPs). Insurance payments vary by insurance carrier, policy & geography. The national average reimbursement to licensed HCPs is over $100.00
The IntelliQuit Mobile App is available here at the Apple App Store. The IntelliQuit Mobile App supports the iPhone 5 or later with an iOS of 10.1 or later. Health Care providers with an Android device can have their tobacco-dependent patients upload their test results
No. If you can take a smartphone picture, you can run the nicotine test. Our app correctly guides the user's smartphone into position.
If you are testing in an area with spotty or no internet connection you can save the image and upload the photo at a later time when an internet connection is stable.
Nicotine from all types of tobacco breaks-down in the human body and is eliminated in urine. These nicotine metabolites produce a shade of reddish-pink on the Nicotine Test Strip that depends on the amount of nicotine metabolites. The more nicotine metabolites present, the darker the reddish-pink color. This color is read by any smartphone camera and analyzed by our computer algorithm which relates that specific color to a specific level of nicotine metabolites. To calculate nicotine levels, we use sophisticated techniques such as computer vision, machine learning, and neural network architecture.
Many tobacco-using patients are not ready to stop smoking, vaping or chewing--And that's just fine! The IntelliQuit Nicotine Test measures nicotine consumption and will help guide you and your patients towards better health. Our tobacco treatment experts are here to help you help your patients towards better health.
The IntelliQuit tobacco treatment experts may have treated more tobacco users than anyone else in the United States, maybe the world. Team IntelliQuit would be happy to help any clinician with their tobacco-using patients.